3D Character Artist Live Course - ZBrush Workshop 2024

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Take you art to the next level

This Online ZBrush Workshop - 2024 - will be streamed live in Jan - February 2024

  • Skill Level Beginner to intermediate
  • Feedback Via private Community + Live Q&A weekly sessions
  • Duration 6 weeks
  • Live Lectures & Demo Every week on Thursday for 2 hours

Any questions send me an email here: workshop.pierrebenjamin@gmail.com


Weekly breakdown

Week 1 - Anatomy part 1 - ZBrush - Sculpting Realistic heads

  • How to add Realism to your facial expressions?
  • How to breakdown facial anatomy to enhance your sculpts

Week 2 - Anatomy part 2 - ZBrush - Sculpting Animals

Week 3 - UV Unwrapping techniques & Intro to Marvelous Designer

Week 4 - 3DScan processing /Texturing with Ten24 3dscans / retopo with ZWrap & Skin texturing /shading process for PBR workflow

Week 5 - Texturing with Substance painter

Week 6 - Lighting, Shading & Rendering with Marmoset for real time


In this course you’ll learn:

1. How to Improve sculpting on the face/head. Taking it onto the next step (secondary to tertiary details)

2. Skin texturing (How to texture a face & full body and look believable in real time in Marmoset.)

3. Lighting tips in Marmoset Toolbag 4

4. Eyes modeling, texturing and blending them into character (making the character feel alive)

The main theme behind the workshop will be how anatomy fundamentals can be used  efficiently across various type of characters.

Anatomy - analyzing and breaking down your reference (relationship between muscles and bones)

Sculpting Digitally using ZBrush - primary /secondary and tertiary forms

Retopologizing using ZWrap VS Dynamesh, ZRemesher and Maya Quad draw tool

Unwrapping using UVMaster, Maya Bonus tools

Texturing tertiary details using custom Alphas, Polypaint and Photoshop

Baking Maps for PBR

Rendering, lighting and shading in MT4

Projections with ZWrap Plugin for ZBrush

and more…

4 assignments will be given in total

A discord Channel will be used to give all written feedback on all 4 assignments.

I will go over all aspects of my Pre-production and Production process.



You will need the following software:

  • Pixologic ZBrush ( All versions except ZBrush Core)
  • Autodesk Maya 2023, or older versions
  • Substance Painter
  • Marmoset Toolbag 4
  • ZWrap Plugin for ZBrush

and more undisclosed free softwares


About me

More of my work can be seen here:



My name is Pierre, I’m a digital sculptor, specialized in high and low-poly modeling and texturing. I work on a freelance basis on various undisclosed NDA projects for Game and Animation companies worldwide as well as 3D Printing.

I teach at the University of South Wales in UK on the BA Game Art: https://www.artstation.com/usw_game_art

I am proud to have successfully taught 100's of students around the globe who now work in the most prestigious game companies (Blizzard, Rare, Rockstar, EA, Ubisoft, CD Projekt RED, Rebellion, Creative Assembly, Airship images, Codemasters, TT games to name a few) and who worked on AAA titles such as Overwatch, Cyberpunk, Tom Clancy's the Division 2, Sniper Elite 5, Fable 4, Halo infinite, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, Baldurs Gate and more!

I did beta testing for Softwares such as ZBrush and Marmoset Toolbag.

Any questions please contact me directly at: workshop.pierrebenjamin@gmail.com




Are they any discount if I'm a student already in full time education?

Yes, you are eligible for a 10% discount on the full price*

*Proof of enrolment will need to be sent out to get the 10% discount code


Why should I sign up for this?

- If you want to accurately interpret concept art into 3D form

- If you already have basic knowledge of ZBrush but want to push yourself to sculpt accurately and creatively

- If you have trouble thinking of your own concepts

What mistakes will I learn to avoid?

- Sculpting details too early in the process makes your work appear amateur

- Not using proper anatomy reference that can lead to a unrealistic final product


Frequently Asked Questions

- When does the course start and finish?

Class starts on Thursday 11th of Jan 2024 and will finish on Thursday 15th of Feb 2024 (LIVE Stream every week on Thursday)

- How long do you have access to the course content and videos?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

- What level is this course aimed at?

Beginners to intermediate (and more advanced level techniques will be taught as well)

- When will the first class session take place?

First session starts Thursday 11th of Jan 2024 at 3.00PM GMT Greenwich time.

- How long are the live sessions?

The live sessions are 2H00 long.

- When do you get the downloads up?

We get all the downloads of the live sessions here on gumroad and links will be posted via Discord and the Facebook group.

- How do I talk to the teacher?

You can talk freely during the class and also via the Facebook group and Discord private channel/ forum.

- Can I join the online course if it has already started?

Yes you can join at any time by email or via the Discord server created for this course and catch up by downloading and watching the classes which have already been live.

- Are there demonstrations or lectures?

Yes its a mixture of both . All classes will be live and recorded as well. All downloads will be available to you via google drive.




Neil Gallagher - Senior Lecturer BA & MA Games Art & 3D Animation at the University of Hertfordshire

As a senior lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire I have seen many ZBrush master classes in my time but Pierre Benjamin skills totally blow me away. We were honoured to have him come and teach our students. Pierre’s lesson went above and beyond in explaining current studio practices and efficient pipelines to help speed up work flows. His presentations were very professionally laid out to help explain very complicated tasks and he had a very confident manor in his explanations for the students which they all greatly enjoyed. I would highly recommend him for any task and you would be lucky to have him, he is one of those rare and gifted artistic individuals.


Amongst my past taught students you will find :

Tomos Hywel Evans / Principal Hair Artist at Airship Interactive


Donald Phan / 3d Modeler and Outsource Supervisor ( worked for Blizzard on Overwatch)


Christopher Williams / Senior Character Artist at Rebellion Developments


Brandon Downes / Character Artist at Dimension Studios London


Jessica Hurst Noel / Character Artist at Respawn Entertainment


Aleksandra Lenart / Character Artist at Crytek


Daniel Cabello /Deputy Sr Character Artist @AirshipInteractive


Milton Fernandes / Character Artist and Digital Sculptor

"Pierre is one of the best ZBrush teachers I had, hands down! Glad to see you are still doing these!"


Christos Efraim /3D Character Artist at Frontier Developments


Finley Bird Waddington / Free Lance Creature/Character Artist


Florian Ristea / Character Artist at AMC Ro Studio in Bucharest


Jack Roberts / Character Artist


Lorenzo Stazi / Character Artist


and 100's more!!

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3D Character Artist Live Course - ZBrush Workshop 2024

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