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ZBrush for Beginners : Intro to the software fundamentals


Video tutorial in real time with audio

I go over the software main features through 11 main aspects, showing the do's and don't for beginners.

Software Used

- ZBrush Pixologic 2020.1.1

Topic Covered

1. Intro to User Interface - Navigation (Analogy with 3d packages such as 3dsMax)

2. Brushes

3. Importing Meshes/Saving

4. Polypaint

5. Subdivisions

6. Dynamesh/ZRemesher

7. ZSpheres

8. Decimation Master

9. UV Master

10. Creating textures

11. Exporting high and low poly meshes for baking outside ZBrush

Bear in mind that you can also download free matcaps and my custom UI from here:

About me

More of my work can be seen here:

My name is Pierre, I’m a digital sculptor, specialized in high and low-poly modeling and texturing. I work on a freelance basis on various undisclosed NDA projects for Game and Animation companies worldwide as well as 3D Printing.

I have been doing beta testing for Softwares such as ZBrush and Marmoset Toolbag

Any questions please contact me directly at

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1H30 video with audio and a PDF


ZBrush for Beginners : Intro to the software fundamentals

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